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Sports, recreation & entertainment

Our clients include some of the world’s leading businesses and personalities from the sports and entertainment industries. Individual requirements for cover make specialised forms of insurance necessary. This is a highly specialised market in which Aon can draw on a worldwide network of highly specific background knowledge and a vast store of experience. This enables Aon to devise tailor-made and innovative solutions for professional sportsmen and sportswomen, clubs, associations, sporting goods manufacturers, promoters, advertisers, marketers, sponsors, production companies and leisure and entertainment parks.

Special solutions for special requirements

Aon aims to find solutions that fit its clients' individual needs at reasonable cost. Aon helps you to identify risks and works out the right strategy for you to cover against them. There is, however, more to the solutions than the insurance products we offer.

Coverage for sponsors 

  • Prize-indemnity insurance
  • Conditional rebate insurance
  • Loss of advertising insurance
  • Over-redemption insurance
  • Games of chance insurance
  • Death, dismemberment and disgrace insurance

Coverage motor sports 

  • Event failure insurance
  • TV breakdown insurance
  • Promoters’ liability insurance
  • Sports facilities all risks insurance
  • Legal protection insurance

Coverage for athletes and associations 

  • Sports incapacity insurance
  • Loss of earnings insurance / transfer insurance
  • Market value cover
  • Non-appearance insurance
  • Additional costs insurance
  • Sickness and accident insurance

Coverage for event organizers 

  • Event cancellation insurance
  • TV breakdown insurance
  • Promoters’ liability insurance
  • Sports facilities all risks insurance
  • Promoters’ legal protection insurance

Coverage for TV broadcaster and movie producers 

  • Image, sound and data carrier insurance
  • Requisites and equipment insurance
  • Film production liability insurance
  • Personal “no show” insurance
  • Property breakdown insurance
  • Equipment insurance
  • Ticket office insurance
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