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Kidnap and ransom insurance

Kidnap & ransom insurance not only protects you against financial loss but also gives you access to the services provided by the world’s leading crisis management and security companies.

What is an insured event?

  • Kidnap: the seizure and holding of an insured person for the purpose of demanding a ransom.
  • Extortion: demands for ransoms coupled with the threat to kill or injure persons, damage property, contaminate products, disclose commercial secrets or private information or to destroy data by means of computer viruses.
  • Deprivation of freedom: the illegal detention of a person or the deprivation of their personal freedom by a government or rebel grouping, etc.
  • Hijacking: the illegal deprivation of personal freedom by recourse to a means of transport (aircraft, motor vehicle, ship or train).

Elements of cover

  • Ransoms and extorted money
  • Loss on the handing over of the ransom
  • Legal defence costs and compensation
  • Advice costs
  • Travel costs, salaries, medical and in-patient care costs, expert assessors, interpreters, increased security and surveillance costs, etc.
  • Business interruption costs
  • Death or disability
  • etc.

Target groups

Private individuals, prominent figures, international companies, companies with portfolios including well-known brands, etc.

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