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Technical risks

The guaranteed operation of its technical equipment at all times is a matter of life and death for any company, which is why it ensures that maintenance and repair plans are in place. It is no less important for a company to make insurance arrangements to secure its revenues and to cover additional costs. However, many businesses find the insurance of their technology a challenge and one that calls for a lot of experience and technical knowledge. Uncertainties can jeopardise a production plant's very existence by sustaining costs and financial losses for which a fast-moving world like ours makes no allowances.

Experts analyse and offer solutions

Our experienced experts analyse the risks associated with your use of technology - whether this is your data processing system, your realisation of a construction project or your production processes - and the effects of these risks on your revenues.

Aon’s experts consider all the factors in producing their analyses, and use these as the basis to devise insurance solutions that are tailored to your risk policy.

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