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Terrorism and Political Violence Risk Map 2016


Aon has launched its latest Terrorism and Political Violence Risk Map, against a backdrop of rising terrorist incidents in Europe and the U.S., much of it inspired by Islamic State.

This year's map is now available – along with historical data – on our new online portal, which provides detailed insights into the dangers facing businesses worldwide.

2016 Terrorism Risk Map

The interactive online map highlights areas of terrorism risk internationally

Aon Risk Map

Examining trends in more than 200 countries and territories and considering threats ranging from terrorism and sabotage, to strikes, political insurrection and civil war, the map is one of the most comprehensive tools available to those looking to better understand their exposures to these extreme risks.

Drawing on six years of analytical insights and data, the map draws on thinking from Aon and Risk Advisory, a leading independent global risk consultancy, to provide actionable insights and intelligence into developing threats worldwide.

Key Findings from the 2016 Map

  • Islamic State is behind increased terrorism risk in 12 countries
  • Shootings have overtaken bombings as the major threat in Europe and the U.S.
  • Public gatherings and private citizens have been the major targets of terrorist attacks
  • Belgium’s risk rating increased following recent attacks
  • The risk of coups and extra-constitutional transfers of power is rising in 12 countries
  • Sub-Saharan Africa saw the most increases in political violence risk

Click here to access the new Aon Risk Map portal.

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