How to Enjoy a Healthful Vacation


Jan 3, 2017 | by Aon

Did you feel like you needed a vacation from your last vacation? It’s no surprise considering how travel inspires us to engage in new experiences, pack in sights and try unique local fare that shifts us away from our daily routine. While a vacation is typically to get away from it all, travelers sometimes struggle to balance all that fun with their health. Here are some of the ways smart travelers maximize their experiences without losing sight of their well being.

  • Before you go – Prepare for a healthy flight by making a few additions to your air travel routine. The air at 30,000 feet is dry, so handy tools like bottled water, moisturizing eye drops, nasal spray and skin spritz can offer added comfort and get your trip started (or finished) right. Disinfecting wipes also will come in handy for wiping down your personal space to limit germs on the plane and in your hotel room after you land.

  • Stay active – If you exercise regularly at home, don’t let the habit fade on vacation. This doesn’t mean you need to log an hour at the gym. Opt to walk or ride a bike instead of hailing a cab, take the stairs or slip in your usual stretching or sit-up routine at the hotel before you head out sightseeing.

  • Street smarts – Whether your travel plans take you to the beach, the mountains or sprawling cities, always take water and travel-sized sunscreen and hand sanitizer with you. It’ll help keep your body and skin healthy during long days out exploring and protect against the inevitable germs you’ll come into contact with while sightseeing. Ideally, pack a reusable water bottle if you’re headed to a destination with safe local drinking water for easy fill ups.

  • Dine with some design – A critical enjoyment factor for your vacation may be trying the local food and drink. Don’t deny yourself, just make smart plans. For starters, skip the packaged snacks at the minibar and corner store and look for local farmers markets to grab healthier treats. Also try to book a room with at least a kitchenette so you can make a meal a day from your home away from home.

  • Recharge – Put down that tablet! Being more disconnected on vacation also means unplugging before bed and settling your mind down for high quality sleep. If you’re a light sleeper, try investing in a white noise app to run overnight to drown out potential hotel noise.

  • Stick to routines where possible – Always wake up by 7 a.m.? Always eat a high protein breakfast in the morning? Don’t abandon all of your at-home routines just because you’re on holiday. Stick to a few that will help your body (and your mind) stay on track.

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