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Nov 08, 2016 | by Aon

Strategies and advice to build your bag for any adventure

A well orchestrated suitcase is a thing of beauty. So we’ve compiled some of the most useful packing strategies for every traveler to make your next packing experience more pleasure than pain.

· Make a List, Check it Twice – Whether you start packing weeks before your trip or hours, crafting a list gives you the opportunity to put your must-have items in black and white, which is easier to edit than packing and repacking your bag. Giving yourself more time to noodle this list is advised though. It leaves room to shop for missing items, flag important items you really can’t forget and fine-tune your packing plans.

· Don’t Bet with Baggage – While most airlines permit travelers to check at least one bag for international flights, most carriers charge fees for bags checked on domestic flights. There also can be weight and size limitations to consider, so review your airline’s website to confirm its baggage policy before you dust off your suitcase.

· Twice is Nice – Whether your trip is long or short, pack pieces that can work in multiple ways and serve different purposes throughout your travels. Hiking pants that convert into shorts or a jacket that folds into a pillow can lighten your load. And build a set of clothing that can be worn together and layered in different styles, like casual or dressy, to help maximize your space. The layers also can come in handy during your flight, or flights, as you travel from one climate to another.

· Forget Folding – Those who have stuffed a months’ worth of gear into a weekender bag know that rolled clothing takes up less space than folded. Rolling also is less likely to create deep wrinkles and creases. Garment organizers, cubes and envelopes can help save space and compartmentalize types of clothing, so you don’t need to unearth your entire suitcase to find undershirts or socks.

· If You Can’t Risk Losing it, Don’t Pack it – Keep valuables such as jewelry, passports, money, electronics or prescription medicines with you at all times in your carry on bag. Better yet, leave irreplacable, expensive items (grandpa’s hand-me-down Cartier watch) safely at home unless they are essential to your travels.

·  Your Packing Wasn’t Perfect, No Sweat – Unless your travel plans are taking you to an extremely remote destination, you most likely can pick up what you forgot, or didn’t think to bring, on your travels. Shopping for sunscreen or buying a new pair of shoes in a foreign country can create an unexpected and unforgettable adventure too.

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