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Aon UK Limited Board Members

Name  Position  Date Appointed to Board
Julie Page CEO Aon Risk Solutions 14th July 2017
Alison Halsey Director (non-executive) June 2015
David Ledger Chief Operating Officer 01 March 2013
Dominic Christian Chief Executive Officer 24 September 2010
John Nicholson Director (non-executive)

20 April 2016

Nick Hardman Chief Financial Officer 07 April 2011
Paul Hogwood Company Secretary 08 June 2010
Richard Atkins Director (non-executive) 01 May 2009
Richard Dudley Director 01 October 2014
Simon Gander Director June 2015
Simon Jeffreys Chairman (non -executive) 01 May 2009





















Last updated 14 June 2016.
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