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Bigblue Touch - A pioneering solution in a turbulent pension landscape

Why was Bigblue Touch developed?

2015 and 2016 see some of the greatest technical changes to workplace defined contribution schemes for over 20 years.

The removal of active member discount and the introduction of a charge cap for default funds mean many companies will find themselves needing new pension contracts or products, at a time when there is reduced capacity with pension providers and ultimately less choice for employees.

In addition to this, the "Freedom and Choice" changes announced in the budget, about how members can take their pension benefits from April 2015, means that members will need much greater support and advice throughout their life.

Aon Employee Benefits are however, delighted to introduce a solution, a new proposition that takes all of the best aspects from the 'old world' and combines them with innovative technology and the latest thinking.

Bigblue Touch 4life

The ‘At Retirement’ service that offers drawdown, annuities and financial aggregation tools in an easy to access service

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What is Bigblue Touch?

Bigblue Touch fuses together a future-proofed, compliant pension scheme with our multi award winning Bigblue technology that will guide employees through a maze of decisions, whilst they accumulate and decumulate funds.

Incorporating Aon's own group personal pension scheme with BlackRock's market leading investment platform and administration services, as well as access to delegated investment funds, Bigblue Touch provides employers with a pioneering, value added pension scheme.

Alongside these benefits the financial aggregation technology built into Bigblue Touch empowers employees to take control of their finances, giving them the best chance of improving their own outcomes and pointing them towards advice at the moments they need it.

Bigblue Touch is responsive, interactive and easy to use. Allowing your employees, no matter what their age, career level or salary, to access and appropriately manage their finances and workplace pension savings online.

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