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Helping your employee’s see the bigger picture when it comes to financial planning

Only about 2 out of 5 workers are on track for a reasonably adequate retirement.

Distribution of Worker’s Projected Resources vs. Targeted Needs

Projected Age 65 Resources vs. Targeted Private Needs

That’s according to Aon Hewitt’s The Real Deal—2015 Report. The report also found that the top three issues among workers were:

Financial Worries
  • Cost of health care
  • Saving for the future
  • Keeping up with the cost of living
Motivators to Save
  • Being financially responsible
  • Being able to do what I want when I retire
  • Being prepared for any unforeseen problem

Worryingly, 1 in 4 have no idea how much pre-retirement income they need to replace.

The benefits of financial education

  • Helps employees understand the full worth of company benefits, such as pensions and share schemes
  • Gives employees the knowledge and tools to make the most of their money
  • Encourages employees to plan more effectively for their future, allowing them to retire when they want to
  • A tangible benefit that will make employees feel valued and increase employer loyalty
  • Less stressed employees, with increased engagement and productivity

Why should employers offer financial education?

Recent research by Mintel has shown that financial angst is the biggest cause of stress for 40% of adults. And stress is the biggest cause of workplace absenteeism.

The combination of numerous decisions about money and saving, and the huge choice of what to do with it, is enough to unsettle even the more experienced savers. And an unsettled employee is a far less productive one.

If something can be done to head off your employees’ feelings of uncertainty before it becomes a real problem, it has to be better than the possible alternative outcome.

Plus, it’s likely that you will end up with much more engaged employees who really value working for your organisation, making you a real ‘employer of choice’.

Aon Employee Benefits – Financial Education Programme

We have identified 10 pillars within our financial education proposition where we believe we can support employers:

1. Employee Surveys to help build a business case for funding a FEP programme 6. Award winning financial aggregation tools – Money
2. Focus groups to gain an understanding of your workforces financial education needs 7. Aon’s GPP – Bigblue Touch
3. Workforce segmentation initiatives to target your benefits communication programmes effectively 8. The Aon MasterTrust
4. Mapping out employee financial journeys 9. Guidance of Pension Taxation changes
5. Financial wellbeing and retirement seminars/roadshows 10. BBT4Life


To discuss the value of offering financial education to your staff, contact us at letstalkbenefits@aon.co.uk or speak to one of our friendly staff by calling 0344 573 0033.


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