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A tailored approach to benefits

Flexible benefit solutions are a great way to engage your staff by allowing them to choose the benefits that mean most to them. This collaborative approach not only makes benefits accessible in a way that lets employees connect with their benefits and feel valued, but also supports staff recruitment, retention and satisfaction.

Flex benefits schemes can include a wide range of options for staff to select from, including tax-efficient benefits such as childcare vouchers or salary sacrifice pension contributions. Other options can include holiday trading, healthcare and voluntary benefits. Whatever combination of benefits you choose to offer, they're presented to your employees through our award-winning Bigblue platform.

This revolutionary technology brings together, in one place, all aspects of an employee's benefits package. Bigblue has been designed to integrate with any provider, meaning your employees don't need to remember multiple passwords. It's simple, effective and easy to use. But more than that, Bigblue engages employees and encourages benefit take-up by creating guidance, education and support around benefits.

For employers, our flexible benefits platform delivers benchmarking information so you can see how your employee benefits package compares to others and make sure it remains relevant and competitive. We also provide governance and control, along with e-broking to ensure you're getting preferential rates from the market. Bigblue can enhance benefits perception, appreciation and understanding amongst your workforce.

Whatever you're looking for, Aon Employee Benefits has a solution for you:

Our expert team are on hand to work with you every step of the way to evaluate your current offerings, and devise a comprehensive and engaging flexible benefit package that is strategically aligned, cost-effective, efficiently administered and well communicated to your staff.

To discuss the value of offering financial education to your staff, contact us at letstalkbenefits@aon.co.uk or speak to one of our friendly staff by calling 0344 573 0033.


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