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Personalised total reward

So you've implemented a dynamic, and innovative rewards package in your workplace. But what about communicating this to your employees? Are they aware of the true value of their total reward package? The benefits of doing this are far reaching, from increased employee engagement and take up, to staff retention and morale. We offer a consultancy service specifically designed to help you communicate why you're such a great company to work for. Contact us to find out more.

Total reward statements

Another option is to implement total reward statements, which are a fantastic educational tool for your employees. They highlight to each individual their cash and non-cash benefit entitlement, and bring together the total value of their full remuneration package (rather than pure basic salary). Delivered in a clear, concise and engaging way through our Bigblue platform, total reward statements work as the first step in your benefit communication, or to reinforce your benefits strategy throughout the year.

Find out how our consultancy service and total reward statements can invigorate your benefits package today, by contacting us at or speak to one of our friendly staff by calling 0844 573 0033.

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2015 Benefits and Trends survey

Now in its sixth year, this survey aims to gain an insight into the key issues impacting the benefits world today. Complete the survey and receive our in-depth report detailing the challenges that employers are facing this year and the trends in benefit spend and choices for the year ahead.

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