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Employee Value Proposition

Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is the 'deal' or 'psychological contract' between an employee and their employer. It articulates the unique experience the employee can expect from their employer above and beyond their contracted terms and pay and in return for their performance. Your EVP includes Total Reward as well as opportunities for development, employees' experience of the organisation’s culture, their relationships with managers and leaders and the work itself.

It is easy to promise a lot to your future or current employees, but it is much harder to deliver. Failing to deliver, however, can result in problems attracting, motivating and retaining top talent and consequently impacts organisation performance. Brand alignment, the alignment between an employee's values and those of their employer, is also often a key driver of engagement.

Aon Hewitt works with organisations to define and communicate their Employee Value Proposition, enabling them to differentiate themselves in the marketplace and win the war for talent in a cost effective and targeted way.

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