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Our consulting and service proposition


Why we are different

Our consulting and service proposition is anything but standard:

  • Cover is built around your unique risk profile not sector standard
  • A Total Cost of Risk mitigation approach is taken
  • Service driven by specialist expertise
  • An unrivalled resource of risk management services
  • Innovative tools to help you take advantage of upside risk
  • Access to Aon's Global Risk Insight Platform ®, the world's leading insurance information repository
  • Dedicated, local, tailored service with access to Aon's national and global resources
  • And the Aon Client Promise ®, where your feedback drives our performance 

Protection from a wide range of risks

These are just a few of the risks we can help you address:

  • Accidental and malicious contamination
  • Brand equity damage and reputation risk
  • Property
  • Business interruption
  • Supply chain disruption
  • Employment
  • Environmental liability impact
  • Governmental and regulatory changes

Integrated risk management solutions

We build a team to partner with you. Our experienced professionals understand your competitive environment and can assess the challenges and issues you face every day, anticipate your business risks and develop strategies that help achieve your goals and competitive advantage.

Our integrated approach allows us to understand your issues from many angles and create robust solutions, including: 

Property risk control 

  • Bespoke property risk profiling
  • Fire
  • Fire engineering standards
  • Material damage and business interruption surveys
  • Managed programmes

Liability risk and loss management

  • Liability Risk Profile
  • Management systems review
  • Behavioural safety programmes
  • Training services
  • Claims defensibility reviews
  • Targeting a claims culture

Motor fleet risk management

  • Risk management assessment 
  • Managing driver risks
  • Risk monitoring and reporting
  • Insurance programme design options
  • Accident and claims management services
  • Claims analysis
  • Risk control audits

 Enterprise risk management 

  • Benchmarking and risk management reviews
  • Brand and reputation management
  • Business interruption and continuity management
  • Supply Chain
  • Business Continuity
  • Pandemic Risk
  • Corporate governance risk reporting
  • Outsourcing risk management
  • Bribery avoidance

Client tools and services

  • AonLine portal - secure online access to policies and documentation
  • Local seminars and on-site training

The result - more powerful and meaningful solutions that support your company resources at a strategic and operational level.

Last updated 27 May 2015

Aon UK Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. FPCORP.15

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