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Surety & Guarantee

Aon Surety and Guarantee provides solutions for UK and overseas clients. Liaising with risk, finance and treasury teams, we’re able to deliver innovative products allowing companies to improve cash flow and potentially remove a significant amount of administration.

We work to ensure that clients are able to optimise their bank facilities and working capital by accessing the significant and competitively priced capacity available from the Surety industry.

We are a dedicated team with a combined 70 years of industry experience, able to draw on the expertise of a further 250 Surety colleagues worldwide.
Having developed new products within the Surety industry we have the knowledge and capability to deliver tailored solutions for our clients.

The team delivers specialist solutions across a variety of sectors with bond offerings including:


•   Performance
•   Advance payment
•   Retention

Letter of credit replacement:

•   Deductible guarantee
•   Pensions
•   Deferred consideration


•   Restoration/decommissioning
•   Environmental
•   Rural payments agency
•   Customs

Aon UK Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. GBCC0004