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Communications - Making Information Matter

In recent years, UK pensions have undergone relentless reform. Whether these changes apply to wider pension law, or take place at a scheme-specific level, they almost always lead to significant member communication exercises. We have a proven track record of providing materials for a diverse range of projects and campaigns. Our expert team includes experienced consultants, copywriters, designers and production specialists.

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Settlement of retirement benefits as Uncrystallised Funds Pension LumpSums (UFPLS)

If you are looking at introducing an additional option for members to settle their defined contribution (DC) benefit (including an AVC fund), you should consider this approach.

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Trivial commutation exercise

A trivial commutation exercise provides members with more flexibility in how they take their benefits. It also represents a real opportunity for pension schemes to reduce their liabilities and compliance burden.

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Electronic record keeping

Holding paper or fiche records is a risk. If you want to remove the risks associated with holding hard copy legacy member records that are not directly linked to your administration system, electronic record-keeping may be the answer.

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Online administration services – PensionLine

If you want to provide members with another way of interacting and engaging with your scheme – or introduce a platform for future change and possible financial savings – PensionLine may be the answer.

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Online administration service - enhancements

If you already offer online access to pensions information, but want to upgrade and improve what you provide, the enhancements we offer will be of interest.

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Pension scheme closure

Closing a scheme is extremely sensitive – financial controls, timeliness and clear communication are essential to ensure that members’ interests are safeguarded. If you are considering wind up, buyout or entry into the PPF, expert advice and support is essential.

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Member existence and address verification – Track and Trace

If you want to improve the accuracy of your liability valuation or payment of benefits, improve record-keeping or enhance member contact, a member tracing exercise can be invaluable.

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GMP reconciliation service

Prior to the end of contracting out for DB schemes, HMRC are advising schemes to reconcile their Guaranteed Minimum Pension (GMP) information.

In December 2018, HMRC are planning to write to all scheme members for whom they hold details of a GMP liability. Letters will advise them of the amount, payment date and scheme responsible for payment. If schemes that have not gone through reconciliation exercise, there is a risk that members will be set incorrect expectations around their GMP entitlement.

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Data and derisking support services

If you plan to undertake a derisking exercise, or want to ensure compliance with the Pension Regulator’s record keeping requirements, it’s vital to make sure your scheme data is accurate.

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Helpline service to support communication programmes

If you are undertaking a significant change or communications programme, and want to manage member calls promptly and professionally, our helpline service can support you.

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GMP reconciliation service – stage 3

There are slightly different approaches for the correction of scheme records depending on whether the affected member has retired or not.

For deferred members it can be a simple case of retranching the deferred benefit from date of leaving. In most cases this should not mean any change to the total pension; however, there will be circumstances where the increase or decrease in GMP values will change the overall entitlement.

For pensions in payment there are three possible approaches.

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Project Management Support Services

Aon Hewitt has an enterprise Project Management Office (ePMO) available to support the controlled delivery of change activities for your scheme. Our approach is tailored to suit the size and complexity of the work being undertaken — whatever your requirements, we have the skills, experience and approach to support you in achieving your objectives.

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To talk to one of our experts about how Aon Hewitt's Benefits Administration solutions could benefit your organisation, please call 0800 279 5588 or email talktous@aonhewitt.com.

If you are a member of a pension scheme administered by Aon Hewitt and have a query, please contact us on 01252 768000 or email enquiries@aonhewitt.com.

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