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Reconciling GMPs: How to get it right

Aon service lead for GMP reconciliation Matt Ashton-Smith talks about GMP reconciliation and asks why it is now the biggest project priority for schemes.

In this video, Ashton-Smith explains the current state of play with GMPs, setting out both the deadlines schemes need to meet and what they need to do to meet them.

He also explains what are the key stages in a reconciliation project and looks at the extent to which employers and pension schemes are currently underestimating the amount of work required in such projects.


How to become a data ready pension scheme

Aon UK commercial outsourcing director Stephen Ruse talks about how schemes can get themselves into a 'data ready' position and the importance of good data for communication.

In the video, Ruse looks at Aon's latest administration survey, which shows that data is still a key issue for schemes, and questions why this is still the case.

It also looks at the key steps schemes need to take to get themselves into a 'data ready' position and why the ability to segment scheme data is becoming increasingly important.


Shifting to an integrated consulting offering

Aon UK commercial outsourcing director Stephen Ruse talks about the shift to a more integrated consulting offering for schemes.

In the video, Ruse explains that around half of the respondents to Aon's latest administration survey say they are looking for a provider that can offer an integrated consulting offering, which can include consulting, investment consultancy, communications and other services.

He explains what he believes is driving the shift and discusses the extent to which the integration or bundling of services can add value for schemes.


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