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Aon Defined Contribution Scheme Survey 2017 - Navigating the Future

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Trustees and Defined Contribution pensions scheme managers have a duty to help deliver the best outcomes for members. So this year we focused our Defined Contribution survey on their concerns, their obstacles, and how they can best approach the future.

This DC pensions research has explored the roles and responsibilities of trustees and scheme managers, their relationships with members and how future developments will influence their planning. The main challenges they face relate to dealing with increasing regulation, designing appropriate defaults, engaging members and empowering them to stay the course and maximise their contributions. By identifying areas for improvement, upcoming changes and opportunities, we can help trustees and scheme managers navigate the best way forward.

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You can download the survey summary here.


DC Scheme Survey - Full Report

Download the full report here.


Demographics of the survey participants

Download the survey demographics here.


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