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How well does your pension scheme run? Do all of those involved - trustees, company and advisers - work effectively?

Are decisions made crisply and clearly? Is the trustee board quick to react to opportunities and threats? Are the right tasks being undertaken at the right levels? And does the scheme have a robust business plan?

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Operational effectiveness and good governance are vital in order to reach Pensions Stability. At Aon Hewitt we believe that most Defined Benefit schemes have room to improve and our research tells us that trustees and company sponsors agree with us.

The first step in addressing these common issues is to assess your own scheme. Whether you want to look at your own role, or your trustee board, or how you compare to other schemes, take the free Governance Challenge to find out how prepared your scheme is for the journey to Pensions Stability.

What's more, every 100 respondents are entered into a prize draw to win an Apple Watch!

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