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Multi Rater - 360° Surveys

At Aon Hewitt, we believe in the power of 360° feedback; it really is the starting point in the leadership development journey. This is further validated by the Aon Hewitt Top Companies® for Leaders Study, which shows that 83% of the top companies use 360° feedback to assess leaders for development.

Source: Top Companies for Leaders®. Research

We work with organisations to design and implement multi-rater feedback, such as 180° and 360° feedback systems. These are often primarily implemented for employee development but can also been used to support performance management, post-merger integration, succession planning and to identify future leadership capability.

Source: Top Companies for Leaders®.
Research Highlights

Working with us, you will have access to our highly versatile, online multi-rater data collection platform which can accommodate your own assessment criteria / competencies and response scale, or draw on our extensive 360 items database.

Aon Hewitt's 360 degree feedback experience includes:

  • Competency development
  • Questionnaire design
  • Developmental feedback
  • Linking 360° feedback with employee engagement data

To develop, your leaders need keen self-awareness. Nothing provides that awareness better than feedback from their leader, peers, direct reports and to compare that feedback with their self-evaluation.


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