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Employee Engagement

Engaged employees deliver greater productivity, better customer service, superior quality products and services, and more innovative solutions. Every disengaged employee, on the other hand, can mean your organisation is missing out on $10,000 in annual profits.

Aon Hewitt has over 30 year's expertise in employee research. Over time, our approach has evolved from employee satisfaction surveys to engagement surveys. We will help you increase employee engagement levels by providing you with extensive analysis, reporting and insights that enable you to influence employee behaviours and business results.

We work with clients of all sizes, ranging from large global companies requiring a highly customized multi-language approach to smaller or less complex organisations looking for a more standardised, and cost-efficient approach that moves rapidly from measurement, to results, to action.

Source: Aon Hewitt. 2015 Trends in Global Employee Engagement

We can help you to achieve success by:

  • Designing your employee engagement survey so that you get a clear view of engagement levels and the priority actions needed to improve engagement
  • Collecting survey feedback from your employees
  • Analysing quantitative and qualitative feedback
  • Delivering dynamic, cutting-edge tools for managers to support them in taking action on the key priorities
  • Carrying out employee lifecycle research, including onboarding and exit surveys
  • Supporting HR functions to drive the engagement agenda
  • Developing leaders who demonstrate and embed employee engagement, including 360 degree feedback

Working with more than 4,500 organisations across 169 countries, Aon Hewitt accelerates people to the extraordinary, making engagement happen. Key to this is our proven employee engagement model, our global engagement database, our Aon Best Employers Program and our vast experience of managing employee engagement projects.

Improving Employee Engagement

Research continues to identify that high levels of employee engagement deliver a competitive edge to organisations. However, knowing your overall employee engagement score alone is not enough. Both leaders and managers need to understand the key areas to focus on in order to improve employee engagement going forward. Understanding of the key 'engagement drivers' is also critical for meaningful and effective action planning.

Aon Hewitt solutions include:

  • Robust statistical analysis and workforce segmentation presenting action priorities simply and clearly
  • Dynamic online reporting and action planning tools
  • Facilitated focus or solution groups (including a train-the-trainer approach)
  • Action planning workshops
  • Best practice materials from Aon Best Employer's Program
  • Training for stakeholders

Our approach provides organisations with business-driven analysis, reporting and tools that enable leaders and managers to make informed decisions and improve employee engagement in a quick and targeted way.

Aon Hewitt Employee Engagement Model

At Aon Hewitt, we use employee engagement as a key performance metric to measure the resilience and sustainability of your organisation. We define - engagement - as the emotional and intellectual involvement that motivates employees to do their best work and contribute to your organisation's success.

Engaged employees say, stay and strive.

The Aon Hewitt Engagement Model

Understanding what factors directly affect these three behaviours and ultimately your organisation's employee engagement is the basis of our engagement model.

Our team of experts can identify and examine these drivers and not only review the engagement levels with your organisation, but help you take the necessary steps to make engagement happen.


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