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Integrated Talent Analytics

Connecting current – to future, business performance – to people performance

With massive shifts in business paradigms brought on by economic and digital disruption, globalisation, social and societal shifts, business leaders need much better insight to quantify the return on investment from the human capital within their organisation.

Aon Hewitt combines talent, rewards and performance data to help clients to truly link future business performance to people performance.

People performance is proven to be directly linked to organisation results, demanding both predictive and prescriptive insights to inform strategic leadership decisions.

To be relevant to the CEO and Board, we must connect better talent outcomes to increases in shareholder value.

Increasingly data-driven business environments means analytics become a living journey refreshed in step with business changes.

Today, CXOs want predictive (what could I do?) and prescriptive (what should I do?) analytics, but HR analytics are often reports/dashboards and merely descriptive (i.e., what happened?).

People analytics deliver insights that matter to the business, not just HR. It is about connecting the value of a firm's people to its strategic goals and business plan. To do this, at Aon, we leverage data and analytics technology, as well as significant amounts of proprietary and public people-related data, combined with rules (algorithms) developed with deep business insight, to optimise business outcomes and solve business problems.


  • High value business questions that sharpen talent insights and enhance ROI on human capital
  • Analytics that optimise talent acquisition, talent management, and predict talent retention
  • Integration of predictive modelling to sales force effectiveness delivers better forecasts for sales and revenue growth
  • Optimised workforce for the size and revenues of the business and empower business to accelerate and increase productivity


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