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Making Engagement Happen

Employee engagement is a human science operating in a constantly evolving and imperfect world. Making engagement happen means getting to grips with the unique nature of an organisation.

At Aon Hewitt, we understand today's reality along with immediate and future business challenges of the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous) world. We come ready to shape our approaches to the needs of an organisation. We can raise engagement to the strategic level, bring energy to your employees and leaders, enable them, build pride and enhance organisational culture.

Our research shows that around 70% of organisations collect employees engagement data but only 20% transform it into visible meaningful actions that have a positive impact on individuals' experience of work and business results. Finding sustainable solutions to change behaviours and improve your business performance is what we do.

Our best solutions for Making Engagement Happen

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At Aon Hewitt, we believe that employee engagement is not about running an annual survey, but about creating an environment that actively engages employees' hearts and minds. To compete effectively, businesses need strategies for attracting, rewarding, retaining and motivating the best talent in their industry.

Employers can take advantage of solutions designed specifically to meet their challenges, backed with the thought leadership and experience of Aon Hewitt. Our research proves that organisations who invest in their people, manage them well and contribute to their overall state of wellbeing, achieve higher revenue than other organisations.

Our consulting services range from survey planning to action and change.

They help leading organisations around the world confront complex business challenges head-on.

Our Best Employers research which has been running for more than 15 years, gives us unmatched global data and experience, combined with consistent and robust methodology. It provides us with a great view of what the best are doing. To learn more on the best practice solutions for the real world challenges click on the hexagons below.


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2017 Trends in Global Employee Engagement

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