Aon and Sustainability

Aon is committed to establishing and maintaining environmentally sustainable business practices both for our clients and within our own operations. While Aon continually strives to be a leader in our industry sector, we also regard environmental stewardship and community, shareholder and stakeholder involvement as significant priorities. We promote these principles in the services and products we offer our clients on a worldwide basis with the belief that every corporation has a responsibility to its community to achieve sustainable growth while providing value for all parties involved.


Aon provides a broad range of services that assist our clients in creating and maintaining sustainable and productive environments. Aon’s global team of environmental specialists work with clients to identify, assess and address traditional environmental risks associated with business operations such as management of hazardous materials, clean-up of existing contamination, and due diligence processes for acquisition and divestiture of real estate. We also address emerging risks such as global warming, energy efficiency, and water conservation to ensure these issues do not adversely impact the financial performance of our clients.

Through such vehicles as insurance, financial mechanisms and liability buyout programs, Aon minimizes the impacts of legacy environmental contamination; provides “Green Building” assessments and specialized energy efficiency insurance offerings; assists with carbon foot printing and securing greenhouse gas credits and off-sets; and provides insurance coverage for possible natural resource damages.

Aon also provides clients a service to assist in the evaluation of their internal sustainability programs. This is facilitated through a sustainability report card that utilizes our own metrics abd benchmarking data to evaluate key areas of sustainable performance and gives clients guidance on areas where resources can be used most efficiently to advance their efforts. This report card also identifies opportunities where clients can benefit from new products, new markets and innovation in areas related to sustainability principles.

Aon has also been involved with sustainability from a policy standpoint: In 2007, Magne Seljeflot, chairman of Aon Natural Resources, represented the insurance industry as a member of the United Nations Committee on Sustainable Energy. During the hearing, Magne emphasized the potential of the insurance industry to mitigate risks associated with emerging energy issues, describing how insurance companies employ qualified engineers that could play a crucial role in helping to regulate safety standards among hydrocarbon providers. Magne also explained to the United Nations committee how the insurance industry could provide an important link between politicians and hydrocarbon businesses to ensure that energy supplies across the globe remain safe.

Our Firm

Aon is firmly committed to a corporate sustainability program that addresses financial, environmental and social factors in its own business activities. In 2007, Aon represented the insurance industry in a United Nations hearing on sustainable energy where we promoted safe and sustainable practices. While Aon is not a significant emitter of CO2 and other greenhouse gases, it works to reduce its environmental footprint in several ways:
  • Aon has made significant efforts to reduce travel by air and automobiles to a minimum. It invested in state-of-the-art audio and video conferencing technology and encourages employees to utilize it as an alternative to travel whenever possible.
  • Aon promotes the use of public transportation systems by locating its facilities in areas convenient to available mass transit systems. Where automobile transportation is all that is available, carpooling and ride-sharing are encouraged by management and supported by subsidy programs.
  • The company also encourages employees to work from their homes where such arrangements are practicable and has equipped employees with the means to communicate with clients, colleagues and business partners through web-based technology and communication systems.
Aon also monitors and manages the use of energy and other resources in its offices, and has taken the following additional steps to promote sustainable practices: \
  • Aon has a corporate policy to locate in high-performing buildings that use non-renewable energy resources efficiently and recycle ”gray” water for landscaping and other non-potable needs.
  • Aon also participates in recycling programs for fine papers, newsprint, cardboard, aluminum cans and computer equipment.
  • The company also requires its supply chain partners to be sustainable by qualifying their efficient use of resources, recycled and recyclable materials, as well as utilizing employment and business practices that provide equal opportunity to all employees and foster healthy and prosperous communities.
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