At Aon, we define wellbeing along several essential dimensions: physical, mental, emotional, financial and social. Our wellbeing initiatives are designed to assist colleagues — as well as clients — by developing timely, relevant support networks.

“Wellbeing, resilience and human sustainability are strategic priorities at Aon,” says Rachel Fellowes, chief wellbeing officer. “This is because we believe having a ‘whole’ perspective on performance offers both a richer colleague and client experience and ensures we design better ways of doing things that help us bounce back and innovate over time. In practice, this means committing to new ways of measuring wellbeing, such as the Human Sustainability Index, and educating and empowering people to make meaningful changes for themselves, their teams and ultimately their organizations.”

Our colleagues benefit from resources that offer personal connections and guidance for individual wellness. Employees with children can join parent groups to discuss the intersection of professional and personal lives in remote work environments, and employee assistance programs are available to colleagues seeking extra support. Virtual counseling, wellness apps, videos, and webinars on topics like nutrition, mental health and physical activity provide digital resources for colleagues, ensuring workforce assistance is always available regardless of where work takes place.

Impact story:
How clients are using data to make better wellbeing decisions

Clients are increasingly facing interrelated challenges around wellbeing and talent attraction and retention. Aon surveyed more than 1,600 companies in its Global Wellbeing Survey and found that enhancing individual and organizational wellbeing improves business outcomes and has the greatest impact on customer satisfaction and retention. Although 82 percent of companies globally consider employee wellbeing a priority, many firms lack a wellbeing strategy in their culture, talent attraction and performance objectives. Of the 87 percent that have wellbeing initiatives in place, only 55 percent have a strategy.

Aon colleagues recently advised a global consumer goods client on improving employee engagement and related business outcomes. After gaining a deeper understanding of the client’s ESG goals, colleagues from across the business designed an integrated solution to deliver its company-wide initiatives, including a global benefits offering to improve mental, physical and financial wellbeing. Monitoring, governance, and assessment are in place, so our client can track metrics and see the effectiveness and return in real time, while also allowing rapid enhancement. Most importantly, our client now has the insight to inform their future strategy, enabling better decisions through our partnership.

While the solution is customized to the client’s strategy and metrics, the key elements — like the ability to assess and monitor effectiveness and return on our platform — are scalable and replicable for other clients.