Cyber criminals understand the economic pain points for organisations and know how to leverage these to maximise their financial return.

In the event of a cyber loss it is critical that an organisation is positioned to make better decisions when navigating this increasingly complex risk and come through an incident with its balance sheet and reputation intact.

Drawing on the deep knowledge of Aon and Crawford cyber incident and claims experts globally — this guide helps to show organisations how to mitigate cyber risk, while ensuring their cyber insurance claim is managed as effectively and efficiently as possible in the event of an incident.

A guide to successfully managing cyber claims - Guide cover

Understand the impact of cyber claims, while taking control and optimising recovery should a cyber incident occur.

What's featured in the guide

The growing cost of business interruption from cyber attacks
Prevention and preparedness
Control and containment during the response
Cyber claims case studies
Lessons learned from managing cyber claims

Get prepared, take control and optimise recovery.

Address the basics to position your organisation to make better decisions and help ensure maximum possible recovery in the event of cyber incident.

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