Digital Forensics
Digital Forensics
In the wake of a cyber incident, it is often difficult to assess the extent of a breach and determine exactly which systems have been compromised. While evidence can be discovered anywhere, you must have the right people and tools to navigate and assess the information with precision – and only an experienced Digital Forensics and Incident Response provider is able to identify the source of the attack, then remediate the effects with precision, leveraging expertise that can only be gained from vast international experience.
Our experts will contain the incident while preserving evidence. Our forensic examiners identify, preserve, and analyse networks to help build a complete picture of the incident and affected systems. In our cutting-edge forensics lab, they find, preserve, and analyse relevant data to provide definitive, fact-based conclusions for you, your counsel, opposing counsel, and the courts. We can also deploy this forensic expertise to empower internal investigations regarding employee misconduct and fraud, so as to enable you to uncover the truth without implicating innocent employees.
About Cyber Solutions:
Aon’s Cyber Solutions offers holistic cyber risk management, unsurpassed investigative skills, and proprietary technologies to help clients uncover and quantify cyber risks, protect critical assets, and recover from cyber incidents.
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