Incident Response
Incident Response
Breaches present not only a technology problem but also a company-wide risk problem. Every minute a data breach goes uncontained, it can cost potentially millions. Organisations must ensure they have a responder they can trust – one that will maintain strict privilege and proper information custody and one that can work together with in-house and outside counsel to get specialist guidance to make difficult and sensitive legal calls with confidence. The result will be less damage, and ultimately less reputational and financial fallout.
Our experts have intimate knowledge of legal procedures and in-depth investigations arising from such a breach. They can help you communicate immediately and confidently, both internally and externally and can provide your in-house counsel with guidance needed to make difficult and sensitive legal calls. With a quick-acting team of incident responders, forensic examiners, former regulators, and law enforcement officials, your breach response team will undertake rapid remote support, then work onsite to understand what happened.
About Cyber Solutions:
Aon’s Cyber Solutions offers holistic cyber risk management, unsurpassed investigative skills, and proprietary technologies to help clients uncover and quantify cyber risks, protect critical assets, and recover from cyber incidents.
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