M&A Cyber Due Diligence
M&A Cyber Due Diligence
When merging with or acquiring a company, you also acquire their risks. Cyber risks have emerged as a leading threat to private equity investments – including an insecure network, compromised assets, or risk for current or historical non-compliance. You need a risk assessment that goes beyond financials and evaluates your overall cyber security posture.
Pre-deal, we perform a cyber security assessment to help gauge risk. We assess your target’s cyber risks and vulnerabilities while adhering to your deal time frame and creating a cyber risk profile that informs a 100-day, post-close remediation plan. Post-deal, we can assist with the implementation of remediation as a condition of closing or mitigate risk through deal-specific insurance products.
About Cyber Solutions:
Aon’s Cyber Solutions offers holistic cyber risk management, unsurpassed investigative skills, and proprietary technologies to help clients uncover and quantify cyber risks, protect critical assets, and recover from cyber incidents.
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