Workplace Misconduct
Workplace Misconduct
Employee misconduct takes many forms. An employee is accused of sexually harassing or making threatening remarks to a colleague, vendor, or client. Maybe an employee has embezzled funds, stolen sensitive information or engaged in an activity you consider a conflict of interest. Serious employee misconduct threatens your organisation’s reputation and can introduce risk of liability, and theft of an organisation’s proprietary intellectual property (IP) often erodes trust and leads to loss of market share.
Our experts listen to your concerns, interview key stakeholders, and investigate. No form of digital media is outside our scope – we probe open source, social media, and proprietary databases; and our forensic examiners identify, preserve, and analyse data to help build a chronology of the incident. When dealing with fraud, our forensic accountants help confirm and calculate damages, and find hidden assets. This will allow you to uncover the truth without implicating innocent employees.
About Cyber Solutions:
Aon’s Cyber Solutions offers holistic cyber risk management, unsurpassed investigative skills, and proprietary technologies to help clients uncover and quantify cyber risks, protect critical assets, and recover from cyber incidents.
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