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Addressing Risk in the Boardroom - An Aon eBook

Challenges and solutions in the energy sector
The oil and gas industry has faced numerous challenges over recent years, not least due to the fall in oil prices which began in 2014. Prudent risk management has become a critical aspect of day-to-day business activities. In adapting to the changing business environment, it is more important than ever for risk managers to take ownership and champion risk conversations in the boardroom.
As the focus on risk management grows and gets escalated up the boardroom agenda, it is integral for both risk managers and senior executives to continually examine and align their planning and strategies in order to deliver on expected business outcomes. This often begins by embracing risk management at a board level and developing a thorough appreciation and understanding of the company's unique exposures so that they are better equipped to respond to potential threats.
This eBook aims to provide key insights across four key areas of risk – M&A, decommissioning, terrorism, and cyber-attacks – which impacts the oil and gas operating environment in Asia and available solutions and risk transfer mechanisms to mitigate these risks so that companies are able to effectively protect their balance sheets, cash flow, and reputations.
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