2018 Aon APAC Employee Wellness Study

Intuitively, key decision-makers know that employee health & wellbeing has a major impact upon the success of their business.
Beyond productivity metrics, there is an understanding that the physical and mental health of your workforce has a strong correlation with employee engagement and talent recruitment & retention.
Across APAC, the subject of employee wellness is generating a lot of noise as organisations grapple with a host of challenges: an escalation in chronic illnesses such as cardiovascular disease and cancers, double digit cost increases on the company medical plan and the need to boost productivity as labour costs increase.
But what are organisations actually doing in this space? And is it proving to be effective?
The Aon APAC Employee Wellness Study 2018 is intended primarily for HR decision makers and researches key questions around their wellness strategy in today's challenging business environment.
This study will identify the following:
  • What objectives are organisations trying to achieve through investing in wellness? And are they being successful?
  • What data are they using to formulate programme design?
  • What are the key elements successful wellness programs have in common?
Completing the survey will entitle you to receiving a complimentary report. Click here to access the study questionnaire which will take you no more than 5-10 minutes to complete./div>
We appreciate your participation, and trust you will find this study of value.
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