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Protecting your Directors & Officers: An Aon eBook

A basic guide to D&O insurance for organisations to mitigate risk
Directors & Officers Liability (D&O) Insurance has often been described as the most important insurance coverage a risk manager buys – it is the protection the board and senior management will turn to if and when they face potential personal liability in relation to their roles within an organisation.
Corporate governance continues to evolve within the various jurisdictions in Asia as legislation and regulatory oversight is strengthened. Boards and management are under greater scrutiny from a broader range of interested parties not just shareholders. In turn, the role of D&O insurance in mitigating the risk of claims, investigation costs and related expenses has become more important both for individuals and the companies that may be responsible for indemnifying them.
With this guide to D&O insurance, we highlight the importance of D&O insurance for companies large or small. Our guide outlines what D&O insurance is, how it can be used and how it can cover potential legal costs if an action commences.
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