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Just as wine-making requires experience, innovation and knowledge, insurance risk management for wineries is also a specialist business. Aon recognises that the wine industry faces many unique and specific risks and we have tailored winery insurance solutions for the wine making and grape growing industry.

Aon is a leading insurance broker to the wine industry. We have extensive knowledge of large and complex wine operations and boutique wineries throughout Australia, and we are the trusted insurance broker to many of the leading wineries, distillers and breweries in Australia. Whether you own a large winery or boutique winery we have a specialist solution for you. Some of the key risks faced by winery owners in Australia are highlighted below in addition to how we could help your business manage these risks


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Commercial Winery Insurance
Vineyard and Winery Insurance Solutions can be arranged by Aon and includes cover for:
  • Property – Industrial Special Risk program which includes spoilage, leakage and contamination of wine stocks.1
  • Business Interruption – a comprehensive cover which helps compensate for loss of profits including the correct valuation of your juice and non-vintage wines but also values your vintage and museum wines for their projected replacement value.1
  • Public Liability – to help cover your business for site visitors (particularly important for wineries that provide tours, sell from the cellar door or run a cafe) in cases of slips and falls, heavy lifting, use of chemicals and pesticides as well as a range of other activities.1
  • Trade Credit – provides cover against your client’s insolvency for both domestic and export sales.1  This includes helping the protection of your company’s cash flow from a bad debt event and helps offer you confidence in trading with existing and new trading partners.
Viticulture Crop

A program to help cover damage to your grapes and vines from causes such as fire and hail.1

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)

EPS is commonly is used in the winery industry, typically found in cool rooms and silos due to its obvious benefits: a great insulator, lightweight and easy to clean. However, what most facilities often don't realise is that these panels are also highly combustible.
How is the property market changing for wineries?

With the economic impacts of the pandemic in 2020, the insurance market has resulted in increases in pricing and reduction in coverage, along with lowering of policy limits. One of the most notable changes is the decrease in appetite for properties containing EPS. The combination of the EPS and rural nature of most wineries means that insurers often see your property as a high fire hazard.
In this situation it is important that you work closely with a specialist broker who has an understanding of your business and the experience in presenting your business in the best light to the insurance market, helping to minimise the risk of exposure or facing sharp price increases.
Why Aon

An Aon insurance broker can help save you time, money and the concerns arising from navigating and understanding insurance which can often be complex in nature. We have dedicated professionals with years of training and experience required to deliver solutions that help protect your business against risk.
Our wine industry-specific policies can be tailored to cater for your business, enabling you access to additional benefits that may not be included in general policies.
We are local to you. With over 35 branches nationwide, we are here to assist when you need it.

1. Subject to full terms, conditions and limits of the policy. Please review the full policy wording for more information.

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