Remote Working Cyber Diagnostic

Recent global events have driven a significant shift in how businesses need to operate. Due to the changes made necessary by social distancing measures and travel restrictions, organisations have seen a rapid evolution of their operating models with technology and cyber security measures adapting accordingly.

Most large organisations have risen to the challenge, focusing primarily on keeping operations running and their staff in work, which in turn has acted as a catalyst for a considerable increase in remote working. As pandemic safeguards continue, businesses are faced with the idea of the “new normal” – meaning technology decisions which may have been implemented are no longer temporary measures but critical, ongoing business enablers.

Whether your organisation requires assistance in understanding the key risks associated with your remote working capabilities, or if you recognise this as an area of improvement for the foreseeable future, Aon’s Remote Working Cyber Diagnostic can help enable organisations to understand key risks, prioritisation improvements by leveraging existing security investments and help to increase cyber resilience.

The Need

The COVID-19 pandemic has given rise to a dramatic increase in the number of employees working remotely. Organisations that historically operated from offices, corporate and branch locations alike (often with a limited contingent of their staff working from home), have seen a significant change in the way their workers deliver their roles and responsibilities. In this time of global uncertainty, malicious actors have been quick to take advantage, with many government agencies and leading security organisations reporting a peak in COVID-19 scams and associated cyber-attacks.

Searching for weaknesses, threat actors are using this time of business model transformation to target technology, corporate data and financial systems, with many focusing on exploiting employees directly to reach their targets. Given the necessary operational changes, unprecedented reliance on technology to drive business forward and radical evolution of the corporate perimeter, it is more critical than ever to review the cyber security controls which safeguard your business.

How We Help

Recognising that many companies invest in existing robust programs of cyber security and resilience, Aon has developed an approach to assess the efficacy of existing controls in protecting your business and remote workforce. This assessment helps to identify key gaps, quick wins and ways to maximise existing security investments to protect your staff and business. Delivered remotely over a four-week period, the assessment is collaborative, phased and provides an independent validation of the appropriateness of cyber controls that support your remote working environment and provides recommended areas of improvement.

Why Us

Aon has delivered Cyber Solutions to clients across a wide range of industries, in some of the most complex and significant business environments around the world for more than 20 years. Throughout this extensive period of building and delivering security programs, Aon has developed considerable experience helping organisations of all sizes remain secure. With the capability to assess remote working cyber security risk across eight key domains, Aon’s Remote Working Cyber Diagnostic is a valuable tool for businesses to understand and manage the heightened cyber risk.

Aon Cyber Expert

Chris McLaughlin

Director, Cyber Solutions Group

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