Stroz Friedberg Incident Response

Finding, containing, and mitigating an incident is only the beginning to effective breach response. We provide quick-acting teams of incident responders, including forensic examiners and former regulators, who solve problems you know you have and problems you don’t. Our involvement will help to minimise damage including reputational and financial fallout.

Stroz Friedberg Digital Forensics

When you need to know what happened, our elite investigators use cutting-edge digital forensics labs and techniques to look under every stone. Our examiners can find, preserve, and analyse relevant data to provide definitive, fact-based conclusions for our clients, their counsel, opposing counsel, and the courts.


To address the discovery challenges presented by enterprise data expansion and evolution, our eDiscovery professionals partner with you on strategies that go far beyond processing, analysis, and review services by using technologies and intelligent approaches to help meet your challenges.

Incident Response Retainer

Cyber security threats are growing in volume and complexity. When facing an attack, time is of the essence. We work with you to set up a master services agreement with pre-negotiated terms and conditions, including preferred rates. Well ahead of any incident, the $0 Incident Response Retainer allows you to be ready to react and call upon our specialists in times of crisis.
Expert Witness Testimony

In serious litigation, you need expert witnesses you, and the court, can trust. Our experts deliver testimony for organisations across virtually all matters involving digital evidence. We clarify the facts impartially and present them in a manner that can stand up to scrutiny from the court and opposing counsel. We document proper chain-of-custody, testify on the validity of forensic data, and objectively present our findings.

Digital Evidence Preservation

Many organisations know little about evidentiary procedures and proper chain-of-custody when it comes to keeping electronic data in an untainted state. Our approach is state-of-the-art. Whatever evidence you are trying to track down, our digital forensics team will engage in response and containment efforts until the relevant evidence is gathered and understood. We’ll also look at both known and suspected technologies involved in your incident and work to leave minimal impact on the memory of the device being examined.

Complex Cyber Claims Preparation

We have the know-how in preparing claims for complex cyber losses. Our forensic accountants and cyber claims specialists build your claim via an efficient and thorough process that helps get your capital back sooner.

Cyber Claims Advocacy

Cyber claims are complex. Our team of professionals can help to optimise claim recovery outcomes with your insurer. We act as your guides through the handling process, helping to ensure you maximise what you get from your insurance policy. Our team understands the contract wording and can negotiate on your behalf through complex situations to deliver results.

Workplace Misconduct Investigations

Serious employee misconduct threatens your organisation’s reputation and can introduce risk of liability. Our specialised team can help get to the bottom of the situation without implicating innocent employees. We listen to your concerns, interview key stakeholders and investigate. We probe open source, social media and proprietary databases, and our forensic examiners identify, preserve, and analyse data to help build a chronology of the incident. When dealing with fraud, our forensic accountants help confirm and calculate damages and help locate hidden assets.

Aon Cyber Expert

Chris McLaughlin

Director, Cyber Solutions Group

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