Gain Access to Key Customer Insights

Aon has partnered with Australia’s leading credit cycle management and most predictive data bureau, illion, to bring you best in class commercial data, scores and decisioning software to easily and quickly credit check companies and businesses and obtain limit decisions.

Key features at a glance 

  • Manage your exposure 
  • Insights and analysis 
  • View full company history 
  • Monitor changing risk 
  • Efficiently search and review 

Coverage & Depth - Extensive coverage of commercial entities in Australia and New Zealand, including data sets unique to illion.

Accuracy & Predictiveness - Commercial scores updated every 3 hours using both public and private data sets making our scores accurate for risk prediction.

Availability & Accessibility - 99% uptime guarantee with 24/7 access to commercial reports and no costly integration projects required.

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Aon Trade Credit Contact

​Barbara Cestaro

Client Manager
+61 2 9253 8463