Minimising the administration, Maximising the cover

Credit insurance plays an important role in preventive risk management and is the key instrument when it comes to managing your credit risk. Yet, if you want to make the most of the cover options available, it can often be a very time-consuming process – not least if you have a wide number of customer relationships. With PolicyManager, not only can you minimise the work involved, you can also maximise your cover.

Whether you’re requesting credit limits, transferring debt-collection data or making claims within a given deadline, you’ll know that these are all time-consuming administrative procedures that tie up valuable resources. PolicyManager credit insurance software helps you handle these procedures.

Everything at a glance

Credit insurance doesn’t just mean certain administrative tasks, it also involves precisely defined recording obligations – an aspect which takes up more and more time as the number of customer relationships grows, presenting major challenges for businesses. With PolicyManager from Aon, you can see the bigger picture at all times. And with all the relevant data just “a click away”, you can be sure you’ve always got all the documentation you need at your fingertips.

Simple and effective

Thanks to the intuitively designed menu, credit limits can be managed automatically on a daily basis. Using your records and customer accounts as the relevant source data, you can manage your risks and limit-related costs in an instant by taking a range of possible actions – whether that means applying for new credit limits, promptly requesting limit increases or removing unnecessary limits. And if it’s been agreed in your policy, the credit limit can even be fixed based on your own self-assessment (discretionary limits).


  • Saves time and cuts the cost of administrative tasks
  • Policy conditions can be met in full and on time
  • Optimum cover plus exploitation of opportunities for growth
  • Savings on limit-related fees and costs thanks to automatic reporting of claims and turnover
  • You personally decide every time what information the credit insurer should be given

Powerful and reliable

PolicyManager offers instant access to comprehensive management data whenever you need it. It is compatible with all forms of credit insurance and all management systems – independently of, or in combination with, other credit management software solutions. Our powerful software is available exclusively to Aon clients and is already being used successfully by many of them.

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