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Kidnap, ransom & extortion

Kidnap, ransom & extortion

The complexity of business and the bad economic situation cause ever-increasing risks in doing business. Companies and individuals are more often confronted with dangerous situations. Threats, extortion, and even kidnapping are sadly enough no longer a rarity. Your expats or traveling employees can attract special attention of terrorists, extremists and guerrilla’s en can be exposed to risks like kidnapping or hostage taking. Even individuals can be victims of a kidnapping, for instance those who travel to risk countries, are wealthy or get a lot of media exposure.

Extortion can happen to any company. A blackmailer chooses your company as a target and threatens with sabotage for instance, by poisoning your products.

The consequences can be terrible. All of a sudden the victims and their families find themselves in a situation they never expected. Advice and assistance of experts is needed to make the right decisions fast. And then there are the financial consequences...


The Kidnap, Ransom & Extortion (KRE) insurance covers the consequences of (or threat of) kidnapping, hostage taking and extortion. The insurance is mainly meant for multinationals, aid organizations, wealthy individuals, and companies that are active abroad. All employees, managers and supervisors in a company are covered. In the case of individuals is coverage extended to entire families of certain defined groups of people.


The KRE insurance not only pays ransoms and extortion amounts, but also pays for the costs of consultants that were employed in case of a kidnapping, piracy or extortion. This assistance is offered worldwide by operating and specialized crisis response consultants. The professional intervention of these crisis consultants is even more important than the financial compensation since the wellbeing of the victims is dependent on their expertise. These consultants have extensive experience in security affairs and enforcement and execution of the law. They have a network of contacts in governments, local authorities and the police. The consultants do not only offer assistance and advice in case of an incident, they may also assist with crisis communication, delivering after care and evaluating the incident. These consultants can also prepare a preventative risk analysis and assessment and provide security advice.

Duty of Secrecy

KRE includes a duty of secrecy. The existence of this type of insurance is kept secret as much as possible not to provoke incidents. The treatment of the insurance policies in Aon is handled with the utmost confidentiality.

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