pension consulting and new business

Pension Consulting & New Business


The success of our business is underscored by the ability of our consultants to forge strong and long lasting partnerships with our clients and these are backed by the following principles:
• Integrity
• Fairness
• Transparency
• High ethical conduct
• Image and Communication

Provision of high quality pension consulting is crucial for all parties involved or impacted by the operation of pension funds. But managing the efficiency, cost effectiveness, and compliance of your administrative procedures has never been more complicated. So we have developed systems and methods to help you run your scheme efficiently, effectively, and compliantly:
• Operational efficiency
• Risk management
• System reviews
• Recovery services

Some of the consulting services we offer are:

• Advisory services
• Documentation Services
• Communication services
• Fund governance
• Reporting
• Trustee training
• Member awareness campaigns

We are appropriately sized to cater for the needs of every client from an individual, a small or medium sized to large employers.

Among our range of products are the following which we will incept and administer:

• Defined contribution occupational pension plans
• Defined benefit occupational pension plans
• Umbrella Pension Funds
• Provident Funds
• Individual Additional Voluntary Contributions Schemes
• Executive Pension Plans
• Personal Pension Plans and other Retirement planning products
• Annuity payments

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