Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management is a strategic, organisation-wide process of assessing, analysing and responding to the collective risks that impact an organisation’s ability to achieve its mandate. Organisations able to successfully navigate their risk environments can build and manage a sustainable enterprise through the adoption of Risk Management strategies.
In recent years, corporate failures have led to a growing demand for transparency regarding risk management and corporate governance activities.  Additionally, Standard & Poor’s has announced that it will begin factoring an organisation’s Risk Management capabilities into its overall credit ratings, across all industry sectors.  Other rating agencies are expected to put similar Risk Management guidelines into effect over the next few years.  Against this backdrop, organisations must re-evaluate their capabilities for managing risks across the enterprise.


  • Improved Risk / Return Decision
  • New Risks to Recognise and Manage
  • Optimising Risk-Taking Capacity
  • Enhance Operational Efficiency
  • Linking Strategy to Risk and Optimising Use of Capital
  • Development of Consistent Risk Appetite
  • Effective Monitoring of Insurance Programme 

Aon's Enterprise Risk Management approach - What does it mean to you?

We analyze risk from an integrated perspective, exploring risk inter-relationships within an organisation.

Our proven process is practical, quantitative and qualitative, and designed to ensure that your Risk Management strategies reach their full potential. To achieve this, it is critical to identify, prioritize and quantify the organisation’s key risks and link them to Strategic, Operational, Reporting and Compliance metrics. Risk response solutions can then be developed and implemented within an efficient risk governance framework.