mining and energy

Mining and Energy

Insurance and risk management is now widely viewed as a critical boardroom issue. It is the cornerstone of every organization's capital structure. A poorly constructed insurance program may leave a mining organization vulnerable to major long-term setbacks, or even worse, insolvency and bankruptcy.

One of our core values is maintaining a client focus. We recognize the unique needs of different client groups and bring together top professionals specializing by product, process and industry to partner with you in identifying, quantifying and mitigating the risks your business might face.Our mission is to identify and quantify those risks which pose a potential threat or opportunity to your business. While we strive to ensure your business is protected in the short term, we also look to the future by developing the risk management and insurance programme that is right for your business, so that over time your total cost of risk may be reduced.

As the leading provider of Risk and Insurance Broking Services in Botswana, Aon is ideally situated to demonstrate its abilities for the provision of not only quality service, but also as Risk and Insurance solution providers in the local insurance market. Aon takes a client-centred approach, which retains sufficient flexibility to enable us to tailor our service delivery exactly to the needs of our major clients. Our service teams are committed to identifying the most appropriate strategy for your business, and executing that strategy as effectively as possible. We firmly believe that Aon is well positioned to assist in developing the risk management strategy of any company, regardless of size or location, across the globe.


With over forty years developing skills and knowledge within the Botswana mining fraternity we have a team of dedicated professionals that look after a variety of clientele within the mining and energy sector as follows:

• Mining clients
• Power Generating clients
• Drilling companies
• Exploration
• Sightholders
• Petrochemical
• Employee benefits covers e.g. staff schemes


Our core strength lies in the fact that with Mining and Energy resources in over 500 Aon offices worldwide we can provide all our multinational clients with seamless services that include:

• Property and business interruption
• Construction
• Casualty
• Marine
• Directors and Officers Liability
• Political risk and terrorism
• Specie covers

Our Market Strength

A broker of value does more than just provide insurance quotes - we serve as your advocate and strategic partner in helping you proactively plan for the specific needs of your personal property. Aon is one such entity where client focus is the ultimate goal. We have a great team of experts in this field, and it is this unmatched talent that will give you the first class service you are looking for. We negotiate hard on your behalf, package and present your claim submissions in a way that gives them the greatest chance of success. Your service team at Aon is led by a dedicated team leader backed by industry experts as well the full strength of Aon Botswana.  

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