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Personal Insurance / Individual Insurance

Insurance can no longer be viewed as a luxury buy but it should be accepted as a necessity by people from all walks of life. Personal lines insurance refers to insurances that are taken out by individuals to cover their personal liability, private property such as their houses and house-hold items. As individuals we are aware what the loss of a home through accidental and unforeseen circumstances can mean, what immense disruptions can be brought about by damage to one's vehicle or a lawsuit that is instituted by a third-party claimant.

One of our core strengths is our ability to recognise the varying needs of our customers and therefore customize our covers to meet their individual requirements. This has been done by using Aon's own personal insurance wording which has been drawn up to accommodate the various clients. We have a well- resourced team of people that are well placed to ensure that you are sufficiently covered.


• Having partnered with the various underwriting companies to adapt the various wordings to suit us here in Botswana
• Our division has been handling the personal lines portfolio of the entire Civil Service for just over a decade and this has helped us in our continuous drive to find suitable and relevant insurance for our wide variety of clients.
• We ensure that all claims are followed through to finality in line with our promise to deliver unrivalled service to all our clients
• Our service team is led by qualified individuals who also have huge experience in the insurance industry in general and are also enjoying the backing of the entire company.
• Aon has been operating in the country since 1971 and its presence to date is evidence of its contribution to the stability of the insurance industry in the country


Besides the placement and management of your insurances we also;
•Engage in a structured risk analysis and evaluation of your needs
•Adapt the covers to be specific to your own individual needs using our own personal insurance wording known as the Aon Pula Motor wording
•We constantly monitor the on goings of the insurance industry to keep up with the developments
•We also engage in a quality review of insurers regarding claims settlement


• Motor comprehensive insurance
• Motor, Third party, fire and theft insurance
• Motor third party insurance
• Excess buy back insurance
• Legal insurance
• House-owners insurance
• Household contents insurance
• Personal accident insurance
• Personal all risks insurance (for your personal valuables such as cell phones, iPads, laptops, sunglasses, that you normally carry with you)
• Travel insurance
• Hospital cash insurance
• Emergency road assist


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