Agri Insurance

Agriculture Insurance

We offer solutions for sector operators (farmers, ranchers, transporters) in order to assist them ensure that their investment in this sector is protected with accurate indemnity results. We appreciate that each operator has a different commodity, market and strategy thus we tailor make our solution to suit and meet the needs of each operator.

Due to unpredictable weather patterns, players in this sector are always facing uncertainty with regards to the survival of their crop. Our solution amongst others protects the farmer against:

• Frost
• Heavy rain
• Flood

We appreciate that different farmers in different areas face different risk exposures thus the need for Aon to assess each risk individually providing solutions for identified risks that need to be protected.

Livestock and infrastructure
The beef industry is key to growth strategies of the Government in regards to the Botswana economy and it is also the basis for sustenance for the majority of Batswana. We as Aon Botswana have observed how important this industry is to both the country and its citizens to protect its wealth and as a result we provide cover for your Cattle against:

• Fire
• Fire and lightening
• Death caused by disease
• Impotency
• Death during transit

Our solution extends to, but is not limited to, goats, sheep, pigs and chickens.
Farming involves infrastructure which supports the business and is crucial to the success of the business thus it is essential to safe guard the infrastructure. Our solution also protects:

• Farm house
• Contents of farm house
• Boundary fence
• Paddock Fence
• Kraals
• Borehole Equipment
• Water Storage
• Employees
• Tractors
• Trailers
• Trucks
• Motor Vehicles

No matter what type of Insurance may be requested in this sector, Aon will look to providing the necessary solution, ensuring stability and growth for farmers throughout Botswana.

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