Aviation Insurance

Aviation Insurance

Aon is the largest aviation broker in the world, acting for some of the world’s largest airlines. This gives us access to underwriting markets and expertise that enables us to provide a real point of difference to our aviation clients in Botswana.

Individual Aviation Insurance Programmes
Our specialists work closely with clients to examine and advise on the range of appropriate insurance options, pulling together resources from Aon's entire global network. We are uniquely qualified to customise, market, and service all aspects of aviation-related businesses:

Aircraft Leasing
Most classes of aviation and aerospace are capital intensive, and the majority of financing is derived from external sources. Aon has developed expertise in this field, actively reviewing and advising clients on lease agreements and negotiating directly with lessors and financiers on insurance clauses.

Airports and Airport Services
Aon provides risk management and airport insurance broking services to airports around the world; major international airports and small private fields. Our services include ‘wrap-up’ coverage for airports that are expanding their facilities. Aon Botswana has locally based risk management service expertise and London trained locally based Aviation brokers. 

Aviation Claims Management
Aon provides expert claims management, negotiation and resolution, and serves as your advocate in the event of coverage disputes. Internationally, Aon has handled many of the largest and most complex claims in aviation history.

Helicopters operate in high-risk environments. Aon knows this and as a member of Helicopter Association International, we are a key provider of aviation insurance and services to the helicopter industry.

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