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Aon Risk/View: Your Competitive Edge - Aon Canada

Aon Risk/View provides a window on the world that matters to our colleagues and their clients. Opening it is only a click away.

Sean Kavanagh, Manager, National Broking, Strategy and Operations, Aon Risk Solutions

Knowledge is power, a wise man once said, and Aon Risk Solutions is putting that insight into practice. Aon Risk/View is an online tool that provides brokers with vital data and analytics at their fingertips, empowering them to build stronger client partnerships and negotiate best-in-class placements.

Since Risk/View was launched in Canada last year, more and more brokers are finding it gives them a competitive edge in meeting the needs of their clients. I’m getting a lot of good feedback from our colleagues who say they are finding it very useful. Aon is really at the forefront of the industry when it comes to providing our colleagues with the capability to leverage data and insights for the benefit of clients.

Aon Risk/View empowers brokers through high-impact insights, and up-to-date data and analytics. Brokers can use Risk/View to stay on top of pricing trends, risk trends, industry developments, and macroeconomic trends, as well as find the latest Aon thought leadership publications, such as the Insurance Market Report I Canada.

The powerful data analytics capacity of Risk/view is a favorite of many brokers and clients. For example, brokers can sit down with their clients and benchmark their programs with the peers in their industry. “This can create opportunities for brokers to have informed discussions with prospective clients or provide top service to existing ones.

Another feature of Risk/View is that it uses Aon’s own independent data. Whether clients are choosing an insurer or deciding how much limit to buy, Aon taps into the world's largest repository of risk and insurance data to help clients make informed decisions.

Aon doesn't just take an underwriter's word on what is happening with rates. We have our own data to tell us how hard or soft the market is and we use it to lead discussions with underwriters, resulting in better pricing results for clients.

Training in Risk/View has been provided at major Aon brokerage offices across Canada, but help is still only a call or email away. Aon Risk Solutions has regional experts in place to provide one-on-one advice or customize the tool to brokers’ needs. One is Toronto-based Katy Rittershaus, Strategy Analyst, Retail, Aon Risk Solutions. “I handle a lot of broker questions,” she says. “I help our colleagues better understand what Risk/View can do for them, whether it be creating client presentations or providing customized dashboards .”

Clients are the big beneficiaries of Risk/View’s potential. With it, brokers can provide insights to help them make informed decisions; achieve best-in-class placement results; understand key and emerging risks; and interact more effectively with insurers.

At Aon, we constantly strive to be our clients' strategic partner, above and beyond the insurance placement. Aon Risk/View’s data and insights augment our brokers' expertise to identify what is keeping risk managers up at night. We are empowered to anticipate risks and identify solutions.

Aon Risk/View provides a window on the world that matters to our colleagues and their clients. Opening it is only a click away.

For your regional expert on Aon Risk/View contact:

National: Katy Rittershaus 416.868.5581
Quebec & Atlantic: George Koutsonikolis 514.673.1784
Ontario & Central: Canada: Karen Puk 416.868.5310
Western Canada: Vinelli Rumbaua 604.443.2523
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