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Financial Risk Consulting

Financial Risk Consulting

In Canada, our dedicated Financial Risk Consulting practice operates within our Investment Consulting group. This team has extensive experience in performing asset liability modelling (ALM) and risk management studies and asset mix optimizations for pension plans and conducting spending policy and asset allocation reviews for endowments and foundations

Asset liability modelling helps decide which strategies best meet our clients’ objectives. Under our ALM framework, we project over 1,000 different economic simulations using our proprietary capital market assumptions. In each of the economic simulations we are able to test the degree to which the objectives are met. We are able to provide projections of key financial metrics of importance to our clients over any time period (from one year to over 30 years).

Asset Liability Modelling Methodology

We believe that it is our responsibility to provide each client with customized advice that will lead to the right investment decisions. Our comprehensive approach to developing an optimal investment strategy can be broken down into the following four phases:

Phase I: Planning, Objectives and Assumptions Setting
  • Work plan and objectives
  • Discussion regarding assumptions
  • Identify issues (asset classes to consider, sensitivity testing, etc.)
  • Determine constraints
Phase II: Risk Diagnosis and Portfolio Optimization
  • Liability modelling and projection of assets and liabilities
  • Optimize portfolio using asset liability modelling based on your key financial criteria
  • Impact of active management
Phase III: Additional Analysis, Sensitivity & Stress Testing
  • Additional analysis on most efficient asset mixes and strategies
  • Sensitivity and stress testing
  • Implementation issues
Phase IV: Final Report
  • Present final conclusions to the Client

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