Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

At Aon, we’re committed to creating a welcoming, inclusive culture that works for everyone, with growth and development opportunities available for all.

For us, inclusion is:

  • A sense of belonging
  • Feeling respected and valued for who you are
  • A work environment where all colleagues are free do their best work
  • Fair and equal access to opportunities and resources, so everyone can contribute fully to Aon's success

As Aon CEO Greg Case says: ‘Diversity is counting heads, and inclusion is making heads count.’ We’ve worked hard to create an environment where opportunity and success are defined by each person's character and ambition — rather than their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, or citizenship.

So, what does Aon’s inclusive culture mean for you?
Business resource groups (BRGs)

We encourage our employees to connect and advocate for their BRGs. These are networks for groupings including age, ethnicity, mental health, sexual orientation and disability. Our BRGs are here to help you get involved in everything from organising volunteer opportunities to representing members' interest in the diversity council.

Diversity council

The diversity council is made up of representatives from senior management, HR and the business resource groups. The council meets regularly to discuss issues, processes and policy. This helps us to create impactful change and drive accountability while reviewing diversity data, empowering allies to contribute to our inclusive workplace.

Flexible working

Aon is committed to providing equal employment opportunities, and to developing working practices and policies that support a healthy work-life balance. Flexible working is the formal process where you can request to change either your contracted working hours or working location to suit your needs and lifestyle.


Our volunteers represent the best of Aon, by showing commitment that extends beyond our day-to-day business responsibilities and into our communities. Each year, we’re proud to say that Aon employees devote thousands of hours of service to charitable organizations and educational institutions around the world.

We’re passionate about investing in diversity programmes to make sure Aon’s culture is always inclusive, open and diverse.

Wellbeing support

The free support we offer includes wellness courses, access to mental health first aiders and our EAP (employee assistance programme).

The EAP is an independent external company that offers free access to specialist information, resources, consultants and counselling services, to help you deal with everyday issues — from debt and money to lifestyle and health. It also gives you access to our Well One app.

The Well One app is designed to support colleagues in balancing their emotional, physical, lifestyle and financial wellbeing. It’s simple to use: through capturing data from popular wearables and apps, it helps you to measure and manage your health in one place. Through Well One, you can check your overall wellbeing, track fitness activity and sleep, benefit from personalised online coaching, set goals, take part in challenges, read expert articles and interact with other colleagues. The app will also give you a health wellbeing score, as well as a financial wellbeing score.

External partnerships

We have active partnerships with a range of inspiring organisations, including:

  • Out & Equal
  • The National African American Insurance Association
  • The National Society of Hispanic MBAs
  • The National Black MBA Association
  • Women's Circle
  • American Corporate Partners for Vets
  • The Catalyst Organization
  • The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago for Disabilities