Our Values

One of the key differentiators between Aon and our competitors is our people and how they behave with our clients and each other.

We are driven to have an Impact as a firm and as colleagues in multiple ways:

  • Bring all of Aon to our clients
  • Invest in diverse talent and the Aon colleague experience
  • Return value to our shareholders
  • Change the world and make our society a better place

To make Aon United successful, we provide our colleagues with the tools and training to:

  • Create Client Value: Leverage client and industry knowledge to bring the best of the firm
  • Develop Teams: Use collaboration, feedback and inclusivity
  • Enable Innovation: Enhance service delivery through expertise and new production
  • Deliver Business Results: Balance Investment and efficiency to deliver consistent, positive business results

Colleagues at every career stage have specific behaviours and key measures of success. As an individual contributor you will enable innovation by:

  • Proactively seeking out opportunities to develop expertise and stay current on industry growth trends
  • Sharing knowledge, best practices and resources by connecting with other colleagues across solution lines and geographies

At Aon, we live our values by acting with integrity, trusting one another and working as one inclusive team to:

  • Consistently bring our best to clients
  • Support our colleagues to achieve their full potential
  • Innovate at a scale to further our mission