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Aon Hewitt partners with LinkedIn to announce Best Employers – China 2016

Best Employers in China are adapting now to the future.

China, 16 June 2016 - Aon Hewitt, the global talent, retirement and health solutions business of Aon plc (NYSE: AON), has partnered with LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional social network, to announce the Aon Hewitt Best Employers – China 2016.

Aon Hewitt has 16 years of experience in conducting Best Employers research. The research provides insight into how organisations can create real competitive advantage through people and explores what makes a workplace of choice. Providing a valuable reference for companies on their own journey to becoming Best Employers, the research is consistently looked upon as the most comprehensive and authoritative programme on employer branding across Asia Pacific.

Since 2015, Aon Hewitt has collaborated with LinkedIn to identify the best employers from the perspectives of “attraction to external candidates” and “perception by internal employees” which covers Employer Brand, High Employee Engagement, High Performance Culture, and Effective Leadership. Leveraging Aon Hewitt’s professional assessment tools and the big data acquired through LinkedIn’s platform, this year the Best Employers research covered a variety of industries, such as finance, real estate, hotel, manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals.

“China’s economic growth is slowing down and the economy is facing great challenges during its ongoing transformation. The Aon Hewitt Best Employers awardees are those that have been making long-term investments in human capital as a core activity, despite economic rises and falls. They have a clear vision of their employee value proposition, integrating it into every part of their human resources management. They also provide consistent working experiences to employees by making concrete plans and keeping promises,” said Klaus Liu, Aon Hewitt Global Senior Partner and Chief Executive Officer of Greater China.

“Those enterprises showcase their mission and address social responsibilities. This enables firms to build the needs of a new generation of staff for meaningful accomplishments right into their employer brands. In the era of ubiquitous mobile internet, Aon Hewitt Best Employers are more concerned with innovation than at any other time, and are integrating it into the construction of enterprise culture and leadership-development. They are the ones who will maintain their cutting-edge by demonstrating foresight, changing with the times and focusing on the future,” he said.

Listed alphabetically, the organisations recognised as Aon Hewitt Best Employers – China 2016 are:

In addition, two companies received Best Employer Special Awards:

New talent strategies and employee engagement are required to motivate employees’ potential and help cope with the challenges of the future. The most noticeable trends that emerged in this year’s Best Employers - China 2016 research included:

High Employee Engagement

  • Career opportunity, rewards and recognition, performance evaluation remain the top driver for engagement improvement.
  • Best Employers are more likely to take actions to continuously improve employee engagement, and all the Best Employers this year clearly state that they would train the management in carrying out their action plan to improve employee engagement.

Compelling Employer Brand

  • Credibility received the highest score among Best Employers when compared with company reputation and internal employee brand. (93% in 2016 and 86% in 2015)
  • The gap between the CEO and HR perspective on employee value proposition has significantly narrowed. (39% in 2016 and 68% in 2015)

Effective Leadership

  • The leadership of Best Employers is still much higher than the market average.
  • Best Employers leverage more opportunities for external training for leadership cultivation and pay more attention to frequent interaction with senior management employees.

High Performance Culture

  • 91% of Best Employers regard employees’ feedback as the most important measurement for effective performance management.
  • • CEOs in Best Employers expect HR functions to guide and develop team members as the first priority, in addition to providing training, tools, resources and evaluating the engagement level of employees.

“In contrast with the challenging business environment, local companies are booming and coming to realise the importance of building an employer brand. We see an increasing number of outstanding local companies embarking on the journey of employer brand building and showing good progress towards becoming Best Employers. During their development, fueled by globalization, they have adopted a people strategy as a key competitive differentiator to support and drive business growth. Becoming an Aon Hewitt Best Employer is not a destination but a path to a better future. This recognition is a platform to praise these excellent initiatives and share the best practices to further empower organisational vitality,” said Peter Zhang, Aon Hewitt Global Partner and Chairman of the China Best Employer Judging Committee.

David Yu, Vice President of LinkedIn China, shared more insights on Best Employers. “Nowadays, as Chinese enterprises accelerate their progress towards globalisation and experience industry convergence driven by the Internet Plus, significant change is taking place within the workplace in China. More enterprises are adopting a more flexible organisational structure and employing a diversified workforce in terms of the age, cultural backgrounds and skill sets. We are pleased to see that a growing number of Chinese employers are letting go of traditional models and embracing innovative methods and technologies to attract and retain talent by leveraging social recruiting, employer brand building and big data insights. Changes bring solutions and improve performance. LinkedIn China's partnership with Aon Hewitt aims to help Chinese employers speed up this transition, to enhance their corporate brand image from within and drive talent-oriented business innovation.”

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