Be Prepared: Hurricane, Flood, Wildfire, Earthquake and Nat Cat Response Site

The resources below are designed to support your organization’s preparation and response to any potential impacts of hurricanes, earthquakes, flooding and other natural catastrophe impacts during the year and help you build a more loss-resilient organization. Aon’s Property Risk Consulting team is available to help clients prepare and optimize their property program ahead of, during and following weather-related losses and other catastrophic events and support clients with leading and specialized claims and response services, including claim management and advocacy.

Catastrophe Preparedness and Response Resources

Build Resilience for an Extremely Active Atlantic Hurricane Season

What’s driving the uncertainty in the forecast, and recommendations for building business resilience.

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Emergency Response: Atlantic Hurricane Season Template & Checklists

A comprehensive planning and prep checklist for organizations to use to assess and apply hurricane and flood preparedness strategies. Prepared by Aon’s Property Risk Consulting group.

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Emergency Response: Wildfire Response Template & Checklists

This paper provides loss control and disaster response measures organizations should consider to prepare for and mitigate the impact of wildfires.

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Liquid Damage: A Significant Cause of Property Losses

Water is often an overlooked or under-estimated risk. This paper includes preparation strategies and an assessment plan to help identify risk and facilitate recovery.

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Aon Cat Mitigation and Response Services

Complex Claims Preparation Services

Aon‘s Claims Preparation, Advocacy and Valuation experts can be a key partner for disaster-impacted organizations by offering a full range of loss recovery solutions, including expertise in claims advocacy.

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Aon Global Rapid Response

Rapid Response guides companies in their mitigation efforts by deploying experts directly to affected locations, offering clear concise loss mitigation guidance.

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For hurricane or catastrophe-related claims, please contact:

Jill Dalton
Managing Director of Property Risk Consulting
[email protected]

Chris Ford
Chief Operating Officer of Property Claim Advocacy
[email protected]

Peter Jagger
Managing Director, Aon Rapid Response
[email protected]

Contact Aon Rapid Response

If you are an Aon Rapid Response client, and you are impacted by a loss, you can activate the service 24/7/365 via the Aon Crisis Operation Center in the U.S. by calling: +1.855.218.8167 internationally at +1.312.470.3055 or by sending an email to [email protected].

Aon Impact Forecasting

For timely updates on hurricane tracking, watches/warning and reports from the National Hurricane Center, please subscribe to our Cat Alerts, prepared by meteorologists from our Impact Forecasting unit.

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